It all started many years ago from Vagabond Hostel in Moscow. This true house for travelers eventually started to unite people who love to wander around the world.

This endless whirl of showing guests around finally condensed into tours around Moscow and its outskirts.

Over time, guests from other hostels and hotels started to join the tours, and then we realized that our knowledge, strength and love were so big that they finally gave birth to a separate project living its own life. Thus FollowLocals started.

With FollowLocals project, we didn’t pursue the goal to achieve something or to prove something to someone. When they ask us, how it was invented, we answer: “It just couldn’t be otherwise. We are travelers and residents of Moscow, we like to meet friends from all over the world and to share Moscow as we see it!”

In life, much is forgotten; when time passes, only the most vivid sensations and memories remain. This is our philosophy: we want you to feel the places that we want to show you, remember everything in detail and soak up the atmosphere of our city!

Believe us: we will transport you to usual places seen through the prism of the locals’ life.

We are devoted to our work.

It’s not the routes we are following. We’re following our hearts!