Secrets of Bunker KGB

Secrets of the Soviet Union era, stirring stories from the depths of the KGB offices, classified objects are still hidden at a depth of 65 meters in the center of Moscow, in the Bunker 42.
We will guide you through the creepy/spookytunnels of Bunker 42 and show which life support systems existed in its past.We will tell you about Soviet radio systems and give you a unique opportunity to click on the nuclear button, which in the past could launch a rocket to the US.
The bunker was created on the order of Stalin in the case of a nuclear strike during the Cold War and was fully equipped to shelter 500 people. Only in the year 2000 the facility was completely declassified after the normalization of relations between Russia and the West.
Do not miss the most surreal trip to the era of Stalin with the FollowLocals and feel the spirit of the most mysterious and unique period of the USSR.
To find out the information about the tours schedule, please contact the manager. We will try to find the most convenient time for you to organise an unforgettable dive into the past.
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