Come Back To USSR

Soviet period of Russian history is mostly considered as exclusively horrifying but now you have a chance to get to know all the sides of it — our COME BACK TO USSR TOUR is here to change you mind and show all shades of Communist epoche after the Revolution and before infamous Perestroika period! Not only will you see the emblematic monuments and buildings dedicated to the most famous political leaders like Stalin and Lenin but also you will take a proper look at a wide historical and social background of Soviet culture as such. In particular, during the Communist Moscow tour our guides will lead you to the noblest shopping malls (like supermarket Eliseevsky) and superb cultural spots (undoubtedly, the Bolshoi Theatre is among them), you’ll have a chance to see how contoversial and specific was the market condition in the socialistic country, get surprised with architectural authentity, get to know why Moscow officials would move 20-tons-buildings and, by the way, why McDonalds was such a breakthrough in Soviet economy. Contemplate the ‘most communistic’ sights ever — real highlights of the Soviet culture in a nutshell! Worthy of note is the fact that during the COME BACK TO USSR TOUR our guide will make you take a proper look not only at exclusively communist culture but also at the roots and consequences of USSR, embracing the vast period from the beginning of the XX century up until 90s, giving visual examples of how the Russian monarchy was replaced and what leaded the country to capitalism. Shape your general perception of one of the most diverse and contoversial cultures of the XX century by signing up to one of the most extraordinary and amusing tours!

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