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Our philosophy is our love to our city and its most lovely places! It’s useless to say that even people living in Moscow can’t help but admire that mighty beauty of Kremlin every time they pass it. You see it yourself and understand everything immediately. And our guides can definitely make this journey a lot more memorable by captivating you with our own inspiration. So, we are very happy to invite you to the Moscow Kremlin Tour!

The Moscow Kremlin is not just the greatest fortress of Moscow, but also the heart of Russia. For its long history it has become the main spiritual and political center of the country. Follow Locals invites you to go through those high walls of the Kremlin and see with your own eyes the Official residence of the President and maybe meet Mr. Putin in person (who knows!).

Our local guide will show you the treasures that are kept inside Kremlin walls. You will be deeply impressed by the The Cathedral of the Assumption, where the weddings and coronations of all Russian monarchs were held. You will visit the Archangel Cathedral — the tomb of all Russian emperors and also the second largest Cathedral of Moscow in the past.

You will see the legendary Kremlin Palace, the venue for all official ceremonies, including the inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation and also get inspired by the beauty of the Senate Palace. Originally, the Palace building was to serve as the residence for the Supreme authority of the Russian Empire — the Governing Senate, from which it got its name.

You will have an opportunity to see the world’s largest Tsar Cannon and Tsar bell, and what’s more interesting learn how they got their names.

Even the two-storey Arsenal building won’t leave anyone indifferent. Despite the fact the building got no luxurious facade to boast of, it is also a rare monument of architecture of Peter the Great times.

So diving into the depths of history of more than 8 centuries of the Moscow Kremlin is awaiting you! We have no doubt that our Moscow Kremlin Tour will leave you with most impressive memories and images symbolizing the power of the Russian empire.

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