Night Tour 25 €

Neon signs, colorfully and skillfully illuminated houses, and a sea of lights. Moscow under the veil of night is a truly unrivaled story that will surpass your wildest expectations.
Our route begins with twilight and goes full way into the bright and expressive night city life. We will start from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and, from the very beginning, you will be impressed by the story about the largest church in Russia and the transformations this majestic structure has undergone from the moment of creation till now (it’s hard to believe, but there used to be a swimming pool in the place of the cathedral back in the Soviet times!). Then we will proceed through the history of the Kremlin, and you will literally see how the appearance of the main fortress of Moscow has been changing from the 14th century to the present day. We will see a new city park and cultural and educational center of Moscow with a unique landscape, Zaryadye. During the trip we will admire the Moskva River embankments, colorful bridges and buildings, we will see one of Stalin’s “sister scyscrapers” and we will move through the centuries and the historical fancies of Moscow. Our guide will take you through the streets of the ancient Kitai-Gorod; you will learn and see who created the modern Russian alphabet. You will be surprised again, because the Russian alphabet was created by people from another country! We will climb to the roof of the Central Children’s Store and enjoy the leisurely sunset of the never-sleeping city. The tour will end on one of the busiest and atmospheric streets of Moscow, Kuznetsky Most, where you will see lots of street musicians, modern cafes and bars, fashionably dressed Muscovites, and you will discard all your former ideas about Russia forever. In the end, you will visit the most popular bar for foreigners and drink a glass of vodka or a pint of beer! And who knows, maybe there you will decide to continue your night tour?

Every day at 21.00 PM
2 hours
Local Guide
Meeting Point
Our guide will be waiting for you near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior with a big white “follow locals” flag.