VDNKh Park Tour

Nowadays VDNKh park is a perfect spot for leisure, cultural and sport activities: there you will find the main ice-rink of Russia, huge aquarium and marine biology centre ‘Moskvarium’, summer theatre Zeleny Teatr (which literally means ‘Green theatre’), architectural model of Moscow, movie theatre and many other sights. Hundreds of festivals, business-exhibitions and other meetings take place there annually: you will always find out how to entertain yourself in VDNKh park especially considering that starting from 2018, it is supposed to become one of the main educational, recreational and cultural cluster!

During the tour you’ll have a chance to get to know a brief history of VDNKh and its most outstanding sights such as ‘Soviet Versailles’, magnificent arch at the main entrance, fountains ‘Druzhba Narodov’ (Peoples’ Friendship) and ‘Kamenniy Tsvetok’ (Stone Flower). Not only architectural sights are situated in VDNKh yet also a huge part of its historical value belongs to Soviet space exploration: you’ll visit a huge pavilion ‘Kosmos’ (means ‘Space’) alongside with Soviet shuttle ‘Buran’ the launch vehicle ‘Wostok’ (East), which is, in fact, a replica of a spacecraft that carried the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin around the Earth. Take a look at real symbols of the Soviet Union – ‘Worker and Kolkhoz Woman’ monument, hotel ‘Kosmos’ specially constructed for the USSR Olympic Games in 1980 and many other amusing architectural spots of Moscow!

Alternatively, during summertime you are welcome to sign up for our amazing VDNKh bike-tour!

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