Village tour

Welcome to the Russian Village — the birthplace of the Russian spirit. Inspiring and educating, this village tour is a perfect opportunity to understand roots of the culture, customs and lifestyle of common Russian people, farmers and peasants. Population in Russia is still very much dependent on agriculture and farming.
Our guests will learn many things from the villagers: the time and season for cultivation and harvest, how to become nature-friendly person and properly use natural resources. And the most important thing — how to find joy within the simplicity of rural life.
We provide a comfortable accommodation in one of the village hotels with its unique authentic country houses. The farms with animals, rivers and forests, everything is within a walking distance.

Food & Culinary
There is no better way to understand Russian village than through its food. Russian cuisine is not just borsch and pelmeni (dumplings). The exploration of any country would be incomplete without getting an opportunity to taste traditional and modern local food.
We give our guests a perfect chance to try a huge variety of regional farm products: best Russian hand-made cheese and bread, dairy and vegetables, meat and fish. Don’t forget about classical Russian non-alcoholic drinks, modern beer and wine.
Let’s dive into the past and taste some traditional Russian meals. Our chefs will prepare a meal from the famous “Anna Karenina” or “War and Peace” especially for you. Duck pate with chokeberry jam, roll from hog’s head and puree from spinach and pickles, pumpkin stuffed with porridge and quails. These and many other dishes will make you feel like a Russian noble a century ago.

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