Dancing class

FollowLocals knows how to surprise and amuse you in earnest. Dancing with a real Russian “babushka” (grandma) to balalaika and accordion – this must be something you haven’t seen before! We will teach you how to dance Russian folk dances, you will masterfully perform a squatting dance, and the Babushka will whirl you to the frenzy in the circle dance! Believe me, this will be the party of your life, as Russian folk dances are perhaps the most vivid kind of folk art. Dances were an integral part of every Russian fair of public festivities. With us you will get to know the national peculiarities. We’re going to convince you that Russians don’t always go with gloomy faces; they also have the most catching laugh and wide smiles!
Also, you’re going to dance with a real bear! Only it’s a secret.
Every day
Local Guide
2 hours
Meeting Point
Our guide will pick up you from your hotel