Matryoshka workshop

Of course you know that Matryoshka doll is the most popular and much anticipated souvenir from Russia. We invite you to paint the traditional wooden doll yourself and have a great time among Russian artisans. During the master class, the guide will show you how to paint a Matryoshka doll, and tell you about the history of this souvenir.
The first Russian Matryoshka doll appeared in the late 19th century. This wooden doll consists of 8 figures. If you open the doll, you will find a smaller doll inside it. The origin of the word “Matryoshka” ascends to the name Matron; the root of this name is derived from the Latin “mater” – “Mom”. It’s the best “From Russia With Love” souvenir ever.
Every day
Local Guide
2 hours
Meeting Point
Our guide will pick up you from your hotel